Art and Archaeology of Cleopatra's Egypt


This course is an introduction to the art and archaeology of Egypt from its conquest by Alexander the Great (332 BCE) to the early fourth century CE. It will examine the rich and multi-faceted history and artistic legacy of Egypt under the Ptolemies and their last queen Cleopatra, followed by the Roman conquest under Emperor Augustus up to the flourishing of Egyptian Christianity. Students will become familiar with a wide range of ancient sources, including documentary and literary texts, coins, architecture, paintings and sculpture. Prerequisites: Intro to Western Art (L01 113) or Intro to Modern Art (L01 215), or permission of instructor.
Course Attributes: FA AH; EN H; BU IS; AS HUM; GF AH; FA HUM; AR HUM; AH AM; AH A

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Art and Archaeology of Cleopatra's Egypt
INSTRUCTOR: Aravecchia
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