Colloquium: How to Work with Art


This course offers an introduction to the many different ways we interact with art in our daily lives, and explores a spectrum of ways in which we all "work with art," whether as a student on campus or as a career. Learn to articulate an argument based on visual evidence, with case studies drawn from around the world and across millennia. Issues examined will include public art and monument removal, looting and repatriation, Nazi-era provenance, conservation and curatorial practices, legal issues, art investment, and more. Very light course preparation such as short videos, blog posts, podcasts, and newspaper articles provided the basis for weekly discussion. Biweekly guest speakers will offer professional insights from different fields in conversation with students. This discussed-based class is aimed at students who want to learn more about how to look at and think about art in the twenty-first century globalized world, and learn how to apply those skills to diverse careers including business, law, medicine, academia, museums, and more. Prerequisite: none.
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Colloquium: How to Work with Art - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Kleutghen, Gabel
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