The Digital Art Historian


Within the humanities, the perceptions exists that art history lags behind other disciplines when it comes to technology adoption. And while the "digital humanities" are now widely embraced, the definition of the field remains mutable and even contested. Is it practical, theoretical, or a combination of approaches and methodologies? This course operates under the premise that what constitutes digital art history is less about rigid interpretations and practices, and more about creating a technologically astute and nimble professional capable of "learning to learn" technologies as they emerge; determining when and how a technology may be useful in research, instruction, and other professional work; and understanding how to effectively apply technology in a broad range of contexts. "The Digital Art Historian" will emphasize experiential learning though the use of digital tools and analysis of a range of digital projects, grounded in a rubric of critical reflection. By the end of the course, students will have a significantly more thorough understanding of how to be an art historian in an increasingly digital world. Meets for 8 sessions, typically held every other week. Prerequisite: Graduate standing in Art History and Archaeology Dept.
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The Digital Art Historian
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